Sundial 1.2 makes event entry even easier with increased efficiency and new features that improve your ability to share events with your intended audiences. These new features include the following:

Express and Advanced Entry Forms - Post an event through the "express" option or use the established "advanced view." The express view is now the default view and allows you to post your event information on one, simple form. You can switch to the advanced view at any time.

Send to a friend - Send an event to someone. Those calendars that support this option will enable calendar viewers to send events to others via email.

User Preferences - Manage your preferences to include the permission settings for events that you enter and the event entry form you'd like to use (express or advanced). Currently, the default event entry form is the express view.

Meta-Events - Connect events so that large, umbrella events -- such as a month-long lecture series -- can be shown to include smaller, related sub-events within the event you're listing.

Last updated: Apr. 25, 2005

Sundial Overview

The University Events Calendar (UEC) is a web-based calendar of events designed to provide a comprehensive listing of sponsored events by and for the Columbia University community. Events listed on the UEC serve the overall Columbia University mission and demonstrate the extraordinary range and diversity of people and issues of the University. It was launched June 30, 2004, with an ongoing plan to refine and develop its features and functionality.

The engine behind the UEC is a flexible software program developed by a team from Columbia College Information Technology (CCIT). The software, called Sundial, is a calendar application designed to provide distributed authorship and an information approval workflow within a secure environment. The Sundial name is taken from Columbia University's original sundial on College Walk.