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Harriman: Russia and the Ottoman Empire—Transregional and Comparative Approaches

Date:April 05, 2008, All Day Event
Location:Columbia University
Morningside Heights
Philosophy Hall, Graduate Student Lounge
Contact:For further information regarding this event, please contact James Meyer by sending email to .

The Harriman Institute presents a Graduate Student Workshop entitled, "Russia and the Ottoman Empire: Transregional and Comparative Approaches."

10:00: Coffee and opening remarks

Session 1:    10:30-12:15   “Overlapping Boundaries: the Caucasus as a site of competition and cohabitation”

Moderator: Michael Reynolds (Princeton University)

Irma Kreiten (Southampton University)
“War and state in the Northeastern Black Sea region: The impact of the Russian-Ottoman rivalry on processes of political modernization (19th century)."

Halit D. Akarca (Princeton University)
“Continuity or Contingency: Russian interest in Eastern Anatolia/Western Armenia.”

Leslie Sargent (University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Armenian and Azeri ‘Muslim’ subjects of the Russian empire: Perceptions of preferential treatment, discrimination, and a ‘zero sum’ game in the transformation of ‘political community’ in the South Caucasus, 1812-1905.”

Session 2:    1:45-3:30    “Russia and the Ottoman Empire: comparative approaches”

Moderator: Jane Burbank (NYU)

Nikolay A. Antov (University of Chicago)
“The Muscovite and Ottoman Principalities – Territorial Expansion, Political Consolidation, and Strategies of Dynastic Legitimization in Comparative Perspective (14th –16th cc.).”

Darin Stephanov (UCLA)
“(In)visibility and the Shaping of a Monarchic Persona in the late Ottoman and Russian Empires.”  

Mustafa Tuna (Princeton University)
“Fifth Column or Imperial Paranoia: Confrontation between Russian Muslim Intellectuals and Russian Imperial Administration in the Late Russian Empire." 

Session 3:   3:45-5:30   “Transregional approaches: the Ottoman Empire, Russia, and the USSR”

Moderator: Ryan Gingeras (Long Island University)

Andrew Robarts  (Georgetown University)
"Population Movements and the Spread of Disease Across the Ottoman-Russian Frontier, 1768-1830s."

Lale Can (NYU)
“Beyond the Porte: Informal Diplomacy between Istanbul and Bukhara under Abdülhamid II."

Lisa Yountchi (Northwestern University)
"The Politics of Historiography: Russian, Soviet and Tajik scholars studying Central Asia."

Papers Will Be Pre-Circulated.

Presenters will discuss their work for 10-12 minutes, but will not be reading their papers.

Persons interested in attending this workshop who would like to receive copies of papers in advance should contact James Meyer at interested in attending this workshop who would like to receive copies of papers in advance should contact James Meyer at


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