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ClearView Healthcare Partners Info Session

Date:September 13, 2012 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm EDT
Location:Faculty House, Garden Room 2
Contact:For further information regarding this event, please contact Center For Career Education by sending email to .

Life Sciences Strategy Consultant

ClearView is a premier strategy consulting firm based in Boston focusing on the life sciences.


ClearView Healthcare Partners provides world-class strategic decision-making support across a wide diversity of business issues, informing actionable recommendations that allow companies to achieve their business goals.  We serve the life sciences industry, including firms in the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic spaces.


ClearView represents a unique opportunity for professional growth and client impact in the life sciences.

You will encounter an entrepreneurial environment, interact with a dynamic group of coworkers, become expert in the life sciences, present to clients in critical business situations, and develop a deep understanding of the biopharmaceutical industry.  You will be mentored directly by ClearView partners, who have a wealth of experience in life sciences consulting.  You will be exposed to a wide variety of business issues and have a diverse and rewarding experience during your tenure at ClearView.  Finally, you will accumulate the expertise, skills, and connections which will serve as the foundation and springboard into your future career.

You will have the opportunity to lead projects and develop a broad range of skills at ClearView.

You will interact with both clients and teams within ClearView to address critical strategic questions within the biopharmaceutical space.  During the course of a typical project, you will engage in a number of activities, including:

·      Conducting complex problem-solving through a hypothesis-based approach;

·      Completing primary and secondary research to drive to critical insights;

·      Creating and utilizing analytic tools, e.g., forecast models, to support key decision-making; and,

·      Communicating recommendations to clients to inform strategy and maximize value.

We are looking for motivated individuals at multiple career levels to join our team.

We are seeking Consultant-level candidates with post-graduate degrees in the life sciences (i.e., Ph.D. or M.D.) or business (i.e., M.B.A.).  Although prior business or consulting experience is not necessary, all candidates should have a demonstrated interest in the biopharmaceutical industry.  Candidates must be highly analytical in their approach to solving complex problems, should be proficient in both written and oral communication, and must enjoy working within a dynamic team environment.

Questions? Please email, or visit us at

Target Audience: Ph.D. candidates and post-doctoral fellows in the life sciences
Suggested Attire: Come as you are.


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