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United States Marine Corps Officer Info Session

Date:November 07, 2012 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm EST
Location:The Center for Career Education, Conference Room
Contact:For further information regarding this event, please contact Center For Career Education by sending email to .

 The U.S. Marine Corps has officer positions available as a Second Lieutenant of Marines.  All positions provide college graduates with immediate and substantial leadership training and experience and significant management opportunities.  

 We are looking for motivated college students desiring to lead our nation’s finest young men and women as a Second Lieutenant of Marines.  We have over 25 specialty fields in a variety of career concentrations ranging from air, finance, public affairs, intelligence, logistics, supply, law, infantry, armor, etc.  If aviation is in your interest, qualified applicants are guaranteed flight training at Pensacola, Florida, to become a jet or helicopter pilot.  Marine aircraft includes the F-18 Hornet, Harrier, Osprey, and Cobra attack helicopter to name a few.

There are full-time positions available for summer and fall of 2013.  Freshmen – seniors may apply.  Paid Summer Internships are available for freshmen-sophomores. All positions come with full medical benefits, 30 days paid vacation, and a very competitive compensation package.

Target Audience: Freshmen-Sophomores and Seniors
Suggested Attire: Casual

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