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J.P. Morgan Chase Info Session

Date:January 28, 2013 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm EST
Location:Faculty House, Presidential Room 1 & Reception
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2013 Corporate Summer Internship Development Program

About JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is a leader in financial services, working in collaboration across the globe to deliver the best solutions and advice to meet our clients’ needs, anywhere in the world. We operate in 100 countries and hold leadership positions across our businesses. We have an exceptional team of employees who work hard to do the right thing for our clients and the firm, every day. This is why we are one of the most respected financial institutions in the world – and why we can offer you an outstanding career.

Business Area

Operations works closely with every line of business to oversee how the firm functions, enabling us to generate increased revenues and deliver enhanced services to our clients. The specialized teams in Operations develop new and improved products and services to meet the demands of the international markets in which we operate. They ensure financial and operational risks are recognized and managed. The teams handle the full end-to-end management of transactional processes across the firm. It’s a vitally important division that maintains excellence across our global businesses.

Program Overview

The Corporate Summer Internship Development Program nurtures well-rounded future Operations leaders by developing their core skills through a business-aligned Analyst role. Working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment will show you how Operations not only drives the firm’s businesses, but significantly advances our capabilities. This internship is designed to give a comprehensive view of the firm and the impact you can have on its success. We hire the majority of our graduates for the full-time rotational Corporate Analyst Development Program from this internship so be prepared to impress us with your abilities from the start.

Over the duration of this 10-week summer internship you’ll build core business skills in one of four Operations disciplines (1) Analytics, Management Information Systems, Business Management, (2) Project Management and Process Improvement, (3) Operational Risk & Control, and (4) Core Operations.

The learning curve will be steep, and you’ll need to immerse yourself in the role, business and firm quickly. However, you’ll find a supportive team behind you, encouraging you to succeed in every challenge.  This is an outstanding first step towards building a dynamic, long-term career in a demanding Operations business.   Our highly selective internship program is only available in our New York Metro, Newark/Wilmington (Delaware) and Columbus (Ohio) locations. 

Roles and Responsibilities

As a summer intern, you’ll be expected to take on the responsibilities of an Analyst from day one. This is an outline of what that might entail:  Project Management & Process Improvement

·       Projects can vary in scope from developing strategic solutions for key business initiatives to tactical implementation of new processes. Process Improvement responsibilities are very similar to projects: you’ll tackle existing processes and define ways to improve their efficiency, in addition to implementing change management plans.

Management Information Systems, Analytics, and Business Management

·       In this function, Analysts take on the operation management of a business unit. Your responsibilities might include data analysis and presentation of findings, objective planning, financial management including budgeting and forecasting, capacity management, and business performance management. This will give you exposure to a variety of tools and business partnerships.

Operational Risk and Control

·       Here you’ll gain exposure to end-to-end risk controls in your line of business, such as the assessment of risk, risk reporting, risk control policies, audits and information security. This could also include testing, analysis and procedure documentation. 

Core Operations

·       A role in Core Operations will build operational knowledge through managing workflow and solving critical problems in the revenue-generating middle and back offices. You’ll be involved in transaction processing, settlement, reconciliation, research, reporting, documentation, client service and on-boarding. This experience will enable you to manage complex processes, build key business partnerships and leverage technology.

Following your successful performance as a summer intern and based on business need, you may be considered for a full-time position with our Corporate Analyst Development Program. 

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