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IRI Climate And Society/Climate Forecast Briefing

Date:February 21, 2013 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EST
Location:Columbia University
Lamont Campus
Monell Building Auditorium
Contact:For further information regarding this event, please contact IRI Seminars by sending email to .

The Earth Institute's International Research Institute IRI) for Climate and Society presents its monthly Climate Forecast Briefing and Climate and Society seminar.

The Climate Forecast Briefing will present the current and predicted ENSO status, the Climate Predictions for the upcoming months, and a discussion on the verifications of our previous forecasts.

In addition, Erin Coughlan of the IFRC and Ashley Curtis of the IRI will present a briefing, "La Niņa So What?: User Perspectives from the Disaster Management Sector".

Learning from the 5-year partnership between IRI and the International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies, they will discuss new maproom innovations in content, usability, and dissemination. Less well-known aspects of the collaboration, including helpdesk and student researcher support, will also be covered with an eye to replicability.

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This briefing is open to the Columbia University Community

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