Materials Science and Engineering Colloquium
Date: October 10, 2014 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EDT
Location: Columbia University, Morningside Campus
S.W. Mudd, Room 214
Contact: For further information regarding this event, please contact Irving Herman by sending email to or by calling 212-854-4950.
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Cornell University

"Connecting the dots - transforming nanocrystal assemblies into atomically coherent 2D quantum dot solids"

Recent advances in the creation of 2D superlattices of epitaxially connected semiconductor quantum dots have opened new horizons to create novel 2D materials with properties by design. The ability to control the atomic structure of the quantum dot building block (i.e., size, shape and composition) and the geometry of the superstructure creates exciting opportunities to synthesize and study new classes of 2D materials. Calculations of such 2D PbSe and CdSe quantum dot solids forecast a rich electronic structure with experimentally accessible properties; testing the theoretically predicted properties presents intriguing scientific challenges and inspire future nanotechnology applications. The talk will focus on our recent efforts to understand and control the formation of 2D quantum dots solids at fluid interfaces. We will share recent insights into the fundamental physics and chemistry governing the assembly and attachment in-plane (i.e., 2D assemblies) and provide a perspective on future advances towards more complex multi-layered structures.

Host: Irving Herman

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